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July 14, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Why Celsius Cloud Is The Answer

Let’s start with this simple statement for all Marketing and Sales teams. Whatever role you might want to fulfil, whatever resource you need to get the job done within the area of database management, Celsius Cloud has the answer. At Celsius, we’re pretty confident that we have the answers. All you need to do is place your trust in us. And here’s why. 

It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to database management, marketing and sales teams are heavy on resources. And, they often need to bring in external resources in order to create a winning campaign. Which is why Celsius created their highly sophisticated Cloud – it provides the perfect application for teams who need that extra bit of assistance.

If we take marketing teams first, Celsius provides you with all the tools to perfectly monitor and report results from all go-to-market activities, in both digital and non-digital streams. And all in a single place. Most importantly, this means that there is no need to second-guess the customer journey. Which means you can deliver highly targeted and highly effective campaigns. Taking out the guesswork is the essential ingredient here. It makes all the difference.

Now let’s take a look at sales teams. By using Celsius Cloud, it means you better visualise the best cross-sell, or up-sell opportunities. This is because you – sometimes for the first time understand the account, why they engage and what happens when you press the right buttons. To borrow a military phrase, for the first time you have eyes-on all your campaigns and this greater visibility inevitably leads to greater insight. And you can reap the dividends.

Moving on, Celsius Cloud is a hugely beneficial tool for data governance teams. It allows you to understand data coverage issues and the opportunities that are in front of you. This means you can greatly enhance data quality. Fundamentally, it allows to increase the marketing reach by applying remedial actions to the weakest area of the database. And when you do that, you reach that perfect space of getting the engine up to full speed.

But, let not forget account based marketing leadership. Here you can easily see the reality of your account universe with the coverage and engagement in the whole range of channels and over a period of time. Again, to borrow a phrase from elsewhere, this is your eye in the sky. Remember, we said the wide range of channels and this is especially important when you consider what is nowadays at the disposal of the modern marketing team.

We can end with a quick look at the main Celsius Cloud features. Both custom and standard dashboards display a summary of the population profile of the entire database. It allows you to set individual filters when it comes to completing analytics. This means you can monitor, segment, analyse and easily implement predictive analytics.

And if you think about it, the power of the Celsius Cloud is such that it’s like having a whole other room of highly successful marketing and sales experts. And that can’t be a bad thing!



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