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December 19, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

The True Picture Multichannel View of the Marketing Journey

Having a true picture of the multichannel view of the marketing journey is every marketing person’s dream, but how easy is it to achieve and how does Celsius help their clients see the light?

We all know that data is the key building block of any strong marketing campaign, but it’s the organisation of that data and the visibility you have over it that remains the key to how best it can be exploited.

Consider that for most companies, their data is contained within many varying locations and from hugely variable sources. What’s more, that feedback on how that data performs through the various channels is constantly being collated and stored. Thus, within any company, there is a massive array of not only sales prospects, but also customer insights.

All good so far. But, how useful is all that information if you cannot get a complete picture, an overview of what is really happening amongst your customers and prospects? In simple terms, can you get a holistic view of your target audience?

One Source

Ideally, you need to have one source, which is unified and visible in all respects, for all your audience data which is both online and offline. It is this which will bring success to your marketing campaigns.

Okay, we can see the sense in that, but how do we go about achieving it?

It’s why we created the Celsius Cloud solution which integrates touchpoints from digital – and non-digital sources to create a true multichannel view of the marketing journey.

In short, by using Celsius Cloud, you are able to collect demographic data and multiple behavioral points across all your digital and non-digital touchpoints.

Marketing Database for Accoubt Based Marketing

Database Management

Digital and Non-Digital

In digital terms, this may be across your websites, banner ads, apps, or social media channels. What Celsius Cloud allows you to do is build a complete picture of all inbound contacts with your customer and prospect base, giving you a very high visibility. From this you can build a very detailed picture of what content people are reading, via what device and then how they’re acting from there. This provides invaluable insight into those people who are reaching out to your company.

Non-digital touchpoints are also very important. These might include your marketing automation platform, analytics gathered from your various channels and information coming from the CRM system.


This information is all fed into the Celsius Cloud via a sophisticated onboarding process which will be coming in from a variety of data points.

Last Word

Once you have built a complete picture of your customers and prospects, you can then refine and dovetail your marketing campaigns. This enables you to meet your requirements and more perhaps importantly, your customer’s need requirements. The crucial advantage customers gain with Celsius cloud is that they have a 360-degree view of their customers and prospects. This means that they can plan and implement campaigns which allow them to make highly tailored approaches. This gives their marketing a very personalized feel and removes any sense of randomness. And what’s even better, it maximizes the ROI – the true judge of any campaign.

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