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EMEA B2B Email Legislation

Let’s be honest, sending business emails to European companies can be a nightmare. Get it wrong and you not only risk losing a potential customer but also a hefty non-compliance fine. WHAT’S THE CURRENT STATUS? The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon come into force and a new ePrivacy Directive concerning email marketing communications is under consultation. It replaces the current Directive from 2003 and sets additional requirements for organizations. All these new approaches to customer privacy will soon force marketers to work harder to obtain consent for using someone’s data. Read more

Is Marketing Automation as a Service (MAaS) right for you?

Last week we had a couple of in-depth conversations with the CMO of a very large technology company and discussed their challenges to generate inbound leads using marketing automation. After the evaluation of their current situation I was not at all surprised when he asked: “Do you know of ANY organization where marketing automation REALLY delivers?”

Now, first things first. The key challenge for any marketing organisation should be about insight, not operations. Read more

Six Vital Features to Look for in Marketing Automation Software

Not all marketing automation platforms are created equal. Even if a company has never worked with this type of software before, making the right choice doesn’t have to be daunting.

Comparing different platforms is easy  when a company knows exactly which features to look for.

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10 Mistakes You Have To Avoid When Setting Up A Webinar

The webinar is now a major weapon in the marketing armory and figures suggest that over 90% of B2B businesses plan to organize webinars in 2017.

This is great news, but for anyone planning a webinar, there are serious pitfalls that need to be avoided at all costs.

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Should you outsource your Marketing Automation?

One of the biggest questions in sales driven organisations is: should the marketing automation be outsourced? Simply, should you keep it all in-house, or let someone else have a go?

Now, first things first. And this is a good point for anyone wishing to build a successful sales strategy – Don’t look to your sales agency to provide you with your sales vision. Lead generation agencies are there to facilitate the process, to act as a conduit from the concept of what is being sold. They are not there to conceive the original idea, or to give life to a process that cannot be re-invigorated.

So when is it a good time to call in the agency?  Read more

Marketing Automation or Telemarketing in the race for leads?

Last week we had a meeting with a top corporation assessing the impact of marketing automation in their lead generation programs. I doubt it will surprise anyone to learn that we found that the vast majority of MRL (Marketing Ready Leads) were not good enough for their Sales to act upon. Maybe more poignant, however, is finding that the company was implementing the right operations but were just falling short in the last stages of the qualification.

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Why Marketing Automation as a Service ( MAaS) Is Vital

The key challenge for any marketing organisation should be insight, not operations. Marketing Automation Technology is freely available, but it is most definitely not ‘plug and exploit fully’. With Celsius’ Marketing Automation as a Service (MAaS), companies can focus on the strategy rather than complex operational work. Read more

So Go On, Guess – How Many Businesses Use Marketing Automation?

This figure is going to shock you. In fact, it shocked us. We like to think that businesses are pretty clued up these days when it comes to marketing automation. Yet, this is not the case.

Now, the actual percentage of businesses that use marketing automation is just 22%. Yes, not even a quarter. But why? We asked ourselves this question and when you think about it, the answer is pretty straightforward.

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