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Why You Have to Align Your Marketing Automation with Your CRM System

There are many things within the marketing automation strategy that you need to ensure are correctly established and a connection with your CRM is right up there at the top of the agenda. In fact, it’s so important, that if you fail to connect the two, then you risk ruining your campaigns. It’s that critical and you ignore this at your peril. As we know what it takes to bring data from multiple sources under one roof,  we at Celsius have built the Celsius Cloud solution. It delivers a consolidated view of all data from your multiple systems as a single Marketing Database.

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How to Make Your Business Data Friendly – Data as a Service

Here’s a simple bit of advice when it comes to data: embrace it, don’t fight it.  With 91% of marketers seeing positive ROI from their Data Management Platforms, understanding how to get the most out of your data is a critical mission for any Marketinng and Sales team. Read more

How to build a great Marketing Database

It’s ironic that at many companies the marketing database is one of the most under exploited tools. Indeed, it’s as though the words Customer Relationship Management or Customer Journey never existed. But, once you realise the value of your database and how it can work on your behalf, mining prospects, developing potential clients and securing sales, the next step you need to realise is that the database is not a finished entity. In fact, a good database is never finished; it may be built initially, but it continually evolves – it is one project that should never be finished. A database lives – it’s that simple.

See a couple of examples where Celsius helped dramatically improve our customers’ Marketing Database

Whitepaper Data Integration (free download)

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Whitepaper Data Cleansing (free download)

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Data Integration with Celsius Cloud

Ever encountered a Data Integration issue? Watch the two-minutes video on how the Celsius Data Cloud platform solves your data pains: no more missed deadlines due to complex decentralized datasets. With Celsius Data Cloud, inconsistent, inaccurate and duplicate data is a thing of the past.

The secrets of successful data integration

How To Ease The Marketers Pain, Without Taking Tablets? Here’s a simple truth when it comes to most marketers: they have more data than they can cope with. Indeed, they can quickly become flooded with so much data, that the task of building properly organised sales channels becomes impossible.

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Why Celsius Cloud Is The Answer

Let’s start with this simple statement for all Marketing and Sales teams. Whatever role you might want to fulfil, whatever resource you need to get the job done within the area of database management, Celsius Cloud has the answer. At Celsius, we’re pretty confident that we have the answers. All you need to do is place your trust in us. And here’s why.  Read more

Success Story: Customer Loss Prevention Program

For any B2B company with a large customer base, a key variable is the rate of Retention customers: How many customers buy upgrades or new releases and the end of the lifecycle. Companies with high churn typically spend vast sums on marketing to try to replace all those defectors. New research shows that they might be better served by smart strategies aimed at getting lost customers to come back to the fold.* These studies look at “win back” strategies. We at Celsius believe that ‘lapse prevention’ strategies are even better ! Read more

Success Story: Creating a Centralized Marketing Database with CelsiusCloud

 With the help of CelsiusCloud, one of the leading Telecom equipment manufacturers was about increase Marketing RoI by improving its master database.  

It’s a known fact that a successful Marketing Database relies 25% in the analytics, and 75% in data preparation and management. With Celsius Cloud you can handle both.

When Data drives Marketing success:

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