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December 6, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Should you outsource your Marketing Automation?

One of the biggest questions in sales driven organisations is: should the marketing automation be outsourced? Simply, should you keep it all in-house, or let someone else have a go?

Now, first things first. And this is a good point for anyone wishing to build a successful sales strategy – Don’t look to your sales agency to provide you with your sales vision. Lead generation agencies are there to facilitate the process, to act as a conduit from the concept of what is being sold. They are not there to conceive the original idea, or to give life to a process that cannot be re-invigorated.

So when is it a good time to call in the agency?  There are some basic guidelines which should help you and here’s the main points.

Time to outsource marketing automation

Let’s be honest, arranging a Marketing Automation licence is the simple bit. If you don’t have expertise, or staff to operate the system, then it’s money down the pan. Also, these systems continually change and evolve. If your staff had an expertise a few years ago, it’s likely they would have to be trained to use it nowadays.

  1. If the process is not the core of your business, then it should be immediately outsourced.
  2. If you need a project completing quickly, or its very existence relies on its success, then an external resource makes sense.
  3. You have to have the ability to brief, manage and then judge the outsourced provider. If you don’t have the resources to complete the role of overseer, then don’t take on an agency.
  4. You have the budget to do so and you want to treat Marketing Automation as a variable expense. That might seem like common sense, but bringing in a skilled agency will require you to spend money, even though, that money at the end might be considerably less than if you tried to complete it yourself.

When Not To Outsource

Keep it in-house when you don’t have the budget, operate within a highly specialised market which requires unique skill-sets, when you are providing the outsource service for another client, or when you have enough highly trained staff with the right expertise.

Last Word

In short, if you have a doubt, or feel you need to consider going down the route of outsourcing, then you’ve just answered your own question. If you have the budget, choose an agency which will understand you and your aims – it will get you the results that you need.

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