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December 1, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

New Directions for B2B Data-Driven Marketing

What is on the horizon for data-driven marketing? Very soon customer interaction will occur in a seamless whole. And the data will be the enabler of that Relationship. Here are some clues.

More power for marketing. Sales has traditionally held the revenue responsibility. That is changing fast, as new tools and measurable techniques enable marketing not only to demonstrate financial results but to take on revenue responsibility.

B2C as source for inspiration. B2B marketing is rarely the leader in advancing data-driven marketing techniques but very soon B2B marketers will search and analyze information not only from social media but also from phone conversation content and email content, to identify buying intent, competitive interest, and other actionable insights.

The end of the database “build.” Digital marketers today are taking greater advantage of “real-time” data, delivering immediate responses to interactive behaviors between customer and marketer.

A simpler technology picture. More and more of the complexity of running marketing campaigns is going to be automated, in a simpler way, so that marketers can focus on what truly matters—their target audiences, buyer’s journeys, and messaging.

Data is the business. The appreciation among stakeholders for the importance of customer data will continue to grow. Data is the business.


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