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February 14, 2017 Antoni Chumillas

Is Marketing Automation as a Service (MAaS) right for you?

Last week we had a couple of in-depth conversations with the CMO of a very large technology company and discussed their challenges to generate inbound leads using marketing automation. After the evaluation of their current situation I was not at all surprised when he asked: “Do you know of ANY organization where marketing automation REALLY delivers?”

Now, first things first. The key challenge for any marketing organisation should be about insight, not operations. Integrating marketing automation is not an easy task. Expect to align sales process, CRM systems, digital assets, design, copywriting and project management to just name a few. Therefore one of the biggest questions in sales driven organisations is: should the marketing automation be outsourced? Simply, should you keep it all in-house, or let someone else have a go?

Marketing Automation as a Service ( MAaS )

We see many large companies not finding the expected ROI from marketing automation and asking advice on alternative platforms that will deliver. Let’s be honest, that technology is freely available and is ‘plug and play’, but it is most definitely not ‘plug and exploit fully.’

With Marketing Automation as a Service companies can focus on the marketing strategy and go-to-market programs rather than the complex operational tactical work to get the campaigns built, tested, launched.

Here are the top 5 reasons to outsource your marketing automation function:

  1. When it is not core to your business / do not have expertise in-house.
  2. When speed of deployment is a critical issue.
  3. You are used to working with vendors and hold them accountable for results.
  4. When the key to success is not the technology you use but the results you deliver.
  5. You want to benchmark your operations against best practices.

Remember the acronym MAaS. These have a habit of quickly coming and going, but for any company that really wants to boost and develop its sales strategy in conjunction with an external agency, this is one that needs to be noted and understood.

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