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December 25, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

In the Digital Age, How Effective is Telemarketing for B2B Lead Generation?

This is one of the questions that we get asked the most – just how effective is telemarketing for B2B lead generation? In the age of social media and all manner of digital platforms, is picking up the telephone and speaking to potential customers just so last century?

We know from experience that telemarketing is by no means redundant. And we’re not alone in this view. Latest research reveals that telemarketing is the third most effective tool for lead generation (just behind Inside Sales and Executive Events). Indeed, the Celsius Call Center network is one of the most active parts of our business. And in case you’re wondering why, here we identify some of the reasons why a company should plan for telemarketing to be an integral part of their demand generation.


So, let’s take a look at the top 5 advantages with using a telemarketing campaign.

Immediate feedback. One of the most positive aspects of using telemarketing. This is invaluable.

Telemarketing is great at connecting people. The digital age can be a lonely thing, relying on impersonal emails and often misunderstood instant messaging, and the impact of an informative voice on the telephone, can be a huge benefit.

Pipeline of qualified opportunities. MQL’s come in from your various marketing channels (SEO, webinars, email marketing) and are thus unqualified. This ‘raw intelligence’ should not be directly sent to the sales team. Telemarketing can qualify prior to for further consumption.

Predictive Lead Calling: The pressure is always on to execute campaigns quickly and with as little cost as possible, which means that planning and tests go out of the window. But, one of the biggest benefits with telemarketing is that it can adjusted very quickly, depending on just a short number of results, giving the marketing team the ability to real-time monitor the campaign and adapt quickly.

Finally, a good telemarketing campaign is measurable and allows ROI metrics to be fully viable.

Last Word

This is why we at Celsius strongly believe in telemarketing and advise most of our clients to consider this as part of their omnichannel demand generation. For most companies, they simply cannot afford not to give this very effective strategy some serious consideration.

Creating a High Value Sales Pipeline

Creating a High Value Sales Pipeline

Our client, a leading hardware solutions provider, wanted to grow its business across Western Europe. The challenge: Increase brand awareness and generate leads in Western Europe. The solution: Celsius delivered a centrally managed program providing both the Database and the Telemarketing. The results: 750 million Euros within 3 years
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