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November 17, 2016 Thomas Hubner

How to Make Your Business Data Friendly – Data as a Service

Here’s a simple bit of advice when it comes to data: embrace it, don’t fight it.  With 91% of marketers seeing positive ROI from their Data Management Platforms, understanding how to get the most out of your data is a critical mission for any Marketinng and Sales team.

Okay, by now, most of us will know how important data actually is. If you look at every company, large, or small, they are literally stuffed with data. It’s on the desk of every individual and within every department, be it sales, marketing, finance or logistics.

Nowadays there is such a huge volume of data, coming into a company and going back out, that most marketing teams find it hard to extract the full value from it. Data is difficult to control and exploit. Think of the technical issues which surrounds the movement and capture of most data, then add in legal problems that come with data usage, and you quickly become overwhelmed with the complexity of the task. In short, trying to get a steady flow of usable information, and one which connects the various silos and data points, is too hard a mountain to climb for most companies.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple. Outsource the task. Marketing and Sales should focus on strategy and leave the management of operations to the experts. Think of it this way. Imagine a situation in which someone collected your raw data and created one of the company’s most valuable assets; one which would give the tool that you need to improve the whole sales process. How cool would it be to be in that position?

An external data resource has to be the best solution and this is why Celsius has created a unique Data as a Service which allows companies to fully exploit their databases. It is a cloud model which runs as an independent resource.

The Celsius Cloud Data as a Service provides customers with such a powerful service that can be used to link all of a company’s diverse and fragmented customer touchpoints. It takes certain key categories of interest, whether that’s signals of intent, themes, and looks at them across all the channels. All a customer has to do is feed in raw data and profiles will start to emerge at the other end.

All successful business are fueled by clever use of data but mastering of data-driven Marketing requires empowering those who work directly with customers and prospects. With the Celsius Cloud platform both marketing and sales can be provided with a mix of attributes which will allow them to cleverly define their audience. This helps define audience insights, improve ad prospecting and integrate the various channels.

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