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Need to improve EMEA Enterprise Sales?

How can we correctly identify the Enterprise segment?

Case in point: B2B Sales and Marketing teams sell to companies. At Celsius International we have created an industry first: a marketing database purpose-built ONLY for marketers selling to Large Accounts. When we talk Account Based marketing and the Enterprise segment, making sure you have it sized correctly becomes critical. The purchasing power you may be missing is huge. Read more

How to build a great Marketing Database

It’s ironic that at many companies the marketing database is one of the most under exploited tools. Indeed, it’s as though the words Customer Relationship Management or Customer Journey never existed. But, once you realise the value of your database and how it can work on your behalf, mining prospects, developing potential clients and securing sales, the next step you need to realise is that the database is not a finished entity. In fact, a good database is never finished; it may be built initially, but it continually evolves – it is one project that should never be finished. A database lives – it’s that simple.

See a couple of examples where Celsius helped dramatically improve our customers’ Marketing Database

Whitepaper Data Integration (free download)

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Whitepaper Data Cleansing (free download)

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Why should the B2B Marketing Manager be interested in ‘Big Data’?

What is Big Data ?

We’ve all heard the statistic. Something like ‘every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003’ in Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s version of it.

Now where does all of this data come from and why do we need it?

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The B2B Email Marketing Best Practice Guide

Email marketing has become more complicated as respondents’ inboxes overflow and corporate spam filters become more and more stringent. Our summary below describes how to increase the odds of your emails getting both delivered and read.

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Success Story: Creating a Centralized Marketing Database with CelsiusCloud

 With the help of CelsiusCloud, one of the leading Telecom equipment manufacturers was about increase Marketing RoI by improving its master database.  

It’s a known fact that a successful Marketing Database relies 25% in the analytics, and 75% in data preparation and management. With Celsius Cloud you can handle both.

When Data drives Marketing success:

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