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How to maximise Marketing ROI, whilst keeping risk low

The global economy is recovering and meaningful growth now looks likely, but how many companies are prepared to risk the time, money and staff resources needed to fully exploit the opportunities out there? Indeed, for some companies, the fear of committing too much too early will hold them back from making the most of an approaching new business age.
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Good reasons NOT to give all your raw digital inbound leads to your Sales teams or Channel Partners

There are good reasons NOT to give all your raw digital inbound leads to your Sales teams or Channel Partners.

Okay, so you’ve spent your marketing budget in digital demand generation and every time you identify someone who’s shown interest in your company products, you pass it quickly onto the sales team and tell them to get to it.

Right? No, absolutely wrong. In fact, large percentages of marketing budgets are burned by not closely examining inbound leads. With this approach you will be wasting time, effort and also failing to fully exploit all the opportunities to make profitable sales.

So, what’s the answer, what’s the way you can ensure that every lead is properly recognised for its value and potential to the company? It’s simple, make use of to fully qualify these leads and consider the following: Read more

In the Digital Age, How Effective is Telemarketing for B2B Lead Generation?

This is one of the questions that we get asked the most – just how effective is telemarketing for B2B lead generation? In the age of social media and all manner of digital platforms, is picking up the telephone and speaking to potential customers just so last century?

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Optimise your demand generation with Celsius Telemarketing

Deliver qualified leads to Sales on an EMEA basis. Celsius Telemarketing is the solution that allows multiple local call centers to run your multi-country Telemarketing in the cloud.

Pushing Telemarketing results directly to your Salesforce/CRM, to your Marketing Automation platforms and turning marketing-ready Leads into Sales has never been easier.

Celsius expands Call Centre network with a low-cost partner for Russia

Our new call centre partner based in Chișinău, Moldova, specialising in low cost B2B calling into Russia joins Team Celsius Call Centre network in EMEA.

Via this new partner, Celsius is now able to provide a very low cost solution for the Russian speaking market.

In Moldova, Russian has the status of a “language of interethnic communication”, and is widely used on many levels of society and state.  Russian-Rumanian bilingualism is characteristic in Moldova.

If you are running multi-country, multi-lingual lead generation programs, then Team Celsius is a perfect fit:

  • We only use skilled agents are selected for their calling and lead generation abilities and not just because they speak right language.
  • The hourly rates are substantially lower than those provided by centralised centres.
  • All call centres are managed by Celsius for the customer using the Celsius Cloud calling system.
  • Results and monitoring are accessible 24/7 in near real time.

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