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How to maximise Marketing ROI, whilst keeping risk low

The global economy is recovering and meaningful growth now looks likely, but how many companies are prepared to risk the time, money and staff resources needed to fully exploit the opportunities out there? Indeed, for some companies, the fear of committing too much too early will hold them back from making the most of an approaching new business age.
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Bad Data Costs You Money

Let’s get this clear right from the start. Bad data costs your organisation money. And in case you’re wondering how much, a figure has been put on the price of each piece of data that has gone rogue. Most organisations do not make the effort to measure the quality of their data, which is a perfect example of the saying , “you can not manage what you can not measure”.

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10 Mistakes You Have To Avoid When Setting Up A Webinar

The webinar is now a major weapon in the marketing armory and figures suggest that over 90% of B2B businesses plan to organize webinars in 2017.

This is great news, but for anyone planning a webinar, there are serious pitfalls that need to be avoided at all costs.

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Sending B2B Emails Throughout Europe

The European Union might be a united area when it comes to political and economic ideals, but as for sending B2B emails within the territory, there are seemingly more rules than considerations contained in the Maastricht agreement. In fact, as regards to the rules of B2B email marketing throughout Western Europe, the EU is far from unified and if a company gets it wrong, it risks not only missing out on new sales, but even alienating existing customers and ending in court. This has rendered email marketing for all responsible companies a minefield. Read more

Celsius expands Call Centre network with a low-cost partner for Russia

Our new call centre partner based in Chișinău, Moldova, specialising in low cost B2B calling into Russia joins Team Celsius Call Centre network in EMEA.

Via this new partner, Celsius is now able to provide a very low cost solution for the Russian speaking market.

In Moldova, Russian has the status of a “language of interethnic communication”, and is widely used on many levels of society and state.  Russian-Rumanian bilingualism is characteristic in Moldova.

If you are running multi-country, multi-lingual lead generation programs, then Team Celsius is a perfect fit:

  • We only use skilled agents are selected for their calling and lead generation abilities and not just because they speak right language.
  • The hourly rates are substantially lower than those provided by centralised centres.
  • All call centres are managed by Celsius for the customer using the Celsius Cloud calling system.
  • Results and monitoring are accessible 24/7 in near real time.

How to Make Your Business Data Friendly – Data as a Service

Here’s a simple bit of advice when it comes to data: embrace it, don’t fight it.  With 91% of marketers seeing positive ROI from their Data Management Platforms, understanding how to get the most out of your data is a critical mission for any Marketinng and Sales team. Read more

Is Content Different from Copy?

The question as to whether content is different from copy is not the esoteric challenge you might think. Many people operating in the digital sectors struggle with categorizing this essential element of the mix.

But, getting the labels right in this field is not just a question of nerd-like obsession, Read more

The secrets of successful data integration

How To Ease The Marketers Pain, Without Taking Tablets? Here’s a simple truth when it comes to most marketers: they have more data than they can cope with. Indeed, they can quickly become flooded with so much data, that the task of building properly organised sales channels becomes impossible.

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Customers are not only for Christmas, they are for life

As acronyms go, L2RM (lead-to-revenue management let’s not forget) is a good one within the B2B space, but as with all things, it can be improved.

Let’s look at it closely. The lead to revenue part works best, because that defines exactly almost the whole process, because we are taking a lead and converting it into a sale. That’s the whole point of the exercise afterall. What’s more, the focus is the revenue part of the exercise, gaining the customer. Essentially, it’s a more managed approach than the traditional marketing-to-sales process.

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