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With Account Based Advertising (ABA) you align Marketing efforts towards the accounts with most Revenue potential.
In a highly connected digital world, new possibilities in the area of Account Based Advertising bring the chance to engage with always-on-campaigns to audiences you could not otherwise reach.

If your company depends on major, long-cycle deals where you need to communicate with and influence a large number of individuals, this could very well be the most important guide you’ll need.

The Definitive Guide to Account based Advertising is your guide to understand how engaging digital audiences are transforming B2B.

Easy to read and loaded with charts, infographics and thought leadership from ABM experts,check out what you’ll to learn:

Part I: Introduction
The Account Based Advertising essentials. It’s time to recognize that we’re not marketing and selling to a lead, we’re marketing and selling to an account.

Part II: Account Based Advertising

Get practical tips and best practices on how to reach and influence large audiences.

Part III: How does it work
Account-based advertising is a fundamentally different martech approach to start with: Cookie targeting, DMPs, Ad-Networks, Geo-Targeting, B2B Digital Audiences, Social… Why and how all these are changing the way we connect to customers.

Part IV: Known challenges
Learn beyond the promises of the different technology vendors whant works when.

Part V: Become and Account Based Advertising Specialist

Part VI: Key stats to convince the skeptics. 

If seeing is believing, learn what  thought leaders and best practitioners have to show.

If your company depends on major, complex, long-cycle deals, this could well be the most important guide you’ll ever read.