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December 1, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

5 shortcuts to avoid when fine-tuning your content strategy

Content strategy will not work if you cut corners. Here are some of the most frequent asks for shortcuts and why they often aren’t shortcuts at all.

  1. Content Audit

To change directions you need to know where you are currently heading to. An audit is not only about what’s there, it’s also about what’s missing. Gap analysis is a huge part of the process.

  1. Process

Content strategy is in large part about process that often involves numerous organizational divisions, approval trees, compliance … Ignoring the process framework when establishing a content strategy is a sure way to building time and money inefficiencies into process.

  1. People

Just because increased headcount isn’t an option doesn’t mean staffing goes away.

  1. Tools

Content does not move alone. It needs to be created, published, measured and optimized. Tools are a must-have, not a nice-to-have

  1. “I just need the content that will work for us ”

No one has a crystal ball that can automatically conjure the best content (and place it in the best channels to reach the right audience).

Content strategy is a “teach a man to fish.” The purpose is to develop sustainable, repeatable processes aligned to higher business goals. The content will invariably change. The bigger strategy? Not so much.


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