September, 2016 | Celsius GKK International

So Go On, Guess – How Many Businesses Use Marketing Automation?

This figure is going to shock you. In fact, it shocked us. We like to think that businesses are pretty clued up these days when it comes to marketing automation. Yet, this is not the case.

Now, the actual percentage of businesses that use marketing automation is just 22%. Yes, not even a quarter. But why? We asked ourselves this question and when you think about it, the answer is pretty straightforward.

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Don’t Let Your Social Channels Take a Break

We all know that summer is the period when seemingly everyone is on holiday but, just because your potential customers are away, it doesn’t mean they have gone incommunicado.

Email traffic within the business sphere may lessen during summer but latest research shows that 90% of executives will keep on using their social media channels whilst on holiday. It’s as though such channels are considered acceptable during the holiday period, whereas replying to emails is considered by family members as ‘working.’ Read more

The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

You know that Data is changing the shape of Marketing and, under the new paradigm, overlooking for data quality is simply not an option. The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven marketing is your essential kit to successfully unleash the true power of data and communication platforms. Download your free copy.

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