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The secrets of successful data integration

How To Ease The Marketers Pain, Without Taking Tablets? Here’s a simple truth when it comes to most marketers: they have more data than they can cope with. Indeed, they can quickly become flooded with so much data, that the task of building properly organised sales channels becomes impossible.

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Lead Generation in the Digital Age

It comes as no surprise that most large B2B corporations engage in multi-touch marketing, with digital channels even supplanting traditional ones. But just because the vehicles have diversified and changed in character does not mean that the fundamentals of qualification are different: companies must still deliver qualified leads to sales.

Used properly, the explosion in digital channels and the continued existence of traditional methods can radically improve the qualification process. The thesis here is that a process design bringing together all the data (both digital and traditional ‘touches’) will deliver higher even quality and timely leads to sales. Read more

Why Celsius Cloud Is The Answer

Let’s start with this simple statement for all Marketing and Sales teams. Whatever role you might want to fulfil, whatever resource you need to get the job done within the area of database management, Celsius Cloud has the answer. At Celsius, we’re pretty confident that we have the answers. All you need to do is place your trust in us. And here’s why.  Read more

Making Business Data Friendly

Business data has to be friendly. Data has to be put to work and it has to be effective, otherwise it’s a totally wasted and very expensive resource. But, we know that’s easier said than done. The best solution is to choose a partner who can offer a one-stop solution, and let them fully leverage your own data.

Even though B2B companies realize the importance of good data management in driving success, the majority still do not prioritize addressing the data skill gaps in their marketing departments.

“Without good data, all demand generation strategy is a house of cards,” said Fleur Labedan, Client Services Director at Celsius International. “At a high level, a 3% data decay per quarter does not look bad but it hurts your business as a whole and renders good decisions nearly impossible.” Read more

The B2B Email Marketing Best Practice Guide

Email marketing has become more complicated as respondents’ inboxes overflow and corporate spam filters become more and more stringent. Our summary below describes how to increase the odds of your emails getting both delivered and read.

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