April, 2016 | Celsius GKK International

Proving Telemarketing RoI

Our client, a leading hardware solutions provider, wanted to grow its business across Western Europe.

When Telemarketing can prove RoI:

Starting Point

A leading hardware solution provider wanted to increase market share and grow its business accross EMEA.

Celsius Solution

We ran a pan-Eiropean Telemarketing program making use of data insights, predictive analytics and scored intelligence to identify the best companies to call and the best time to do so.

The Outcome

More quality leads resulted in better conversion rates by the customer’s Sales teams. Better identification at early stages of high valuable prospects resulted on a 63% increase on the average B2B lead value .

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Success Story: Customer Loss Prevention Program

For any B2B company with a large customer base, a key variable is the rate of Retention customers: How many customers buy upgrades or new releases and the end of the lifecycle. Companies with high churn typically spend vast sums on marketing to try to replace all those defectors. New research shows that they might be better served by smart strategies aimed at getting lost customers to come back to the fold.* These studies look at “win back” strategies. We at Celsius believe that ‘lapse prevention’ strategies are even better ! Read more

Magic Moments for Marketing Performance

One thing has become undeniably clear: we can not improve what we can not measure and we can only do so if we have the right data points. Visibility on marketing performance is an absolute must-have.

Measurement is, however, much more difficult than most managers appreciate. Even under the best of circumstances reliable data for Marketing KPIs is as elusive as the Easter egg hunt! Read more

Success Story: Creating a Centralized Marketing Database with CelsiusCloud

 With the help of CelsiusCloud, one of the leading Telecom equipment manufacturers was about increase Marketing RoI by improving its master database.  

It’s a known fact that a successful Marketing Database relies 25% in the analytics, and 75% in data preparation and management. With Celsius Cloud you can handle both.

When Data drives Marketing success:

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