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October 12, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Why Marketing Automation as a Service ( MAaS) Is Vital

The key challenge for any marketing organisation should be insight, not operations. Marketing Automation Technology is freely available, but it is most definitely not ‘plug and exploit fully’. With Celsius’ Marketing Automation as a Service (MAaS), companies can focus on the strategy rather than complex operational work.

The on-premises challenge

There is some debate as to whether companies should outsource their lead generation to agencies, but more are choosing this route and the reasons are plain to see.

Up there amongst the most compelling reasons is that Marketing Automation is freely available and is ‘plug and play’, but it is most definitely not ‘plug and exploit fully.’ It is a superb system, but in many ways, it’s only as good as the people using it.

Celsuis has the in-house ability take the basic vision of a customer and turn it into a successful sales strategy.

We have a number of clients now within our portfolio that feed us the base information and see, at the end of the pipeline, a database of quality sales leads with which their sales teams can target and exploit. In other words, every part of the process, except for the final closure of the lead, is handled by the outsourced agency like us.

Automated Marketing Revelation

What we’ve seen is that many companies are quick to buy a licence to an automated marketing system and then worry how to use it. What they quickly discover, is that they have invested in a superb application, but then suddenly realise that they have no-one to use it. A revelation quickly follows – if the initial investment is not to be completely wasted, then they have to spend more money in training staff. And what’s worse, they may have to switch people from other valuable tasks.

Also, it’s rare that the client can cover the range of components that a full service outsource agency can offer. For example, to successfully implement Marketing Automation you need to consider the management of many other areas:

1.Basic infrastructure (CRM integration and Sandbox)

2.Set-Up , data segmentation, user rights and workflows.

3.Engagement (email templates, landing pages and forms)

4.Support (provision of a dedicated account manager)

5.Reporting and lead scoring.

6.Advanced options, which adds in such key elements as nurturing and engagement campaigns, social outreach, behavioural engagement workflows, advanced reporting, webinars and events campaigns.


Marketing Automation as a Service

With Marketing Automation as a Service companies can focus on the marketing strategy and go-to-market programs rather than the complex operational tactical work to get the campaigns built, tested, launched.

Here are the top 5 reasons to outsource your marketing automation function:

1.When it is not core to your business / do not have expertise in-house.

2.When speed of deployment is a critical issue.

3.You are used to working with vendors and hold them accountable for results.

4.When the key to success is not the technology you use but the results you deliver.

5.You want to benchmark your operations against best practices.

Last Word

Remember the acronym MAaS. These have a habit of quickly coming and going, but for any company that really wants to boost and develop its sales strategy in conjunction with an external agency, this is one that needs to be noted and understood.

The key to success for any marketing organisation is the results, not the technology.

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