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June 4, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Unicorns: technologies that will change your demand generation

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Over the last years a significant number of marketing technology companies have occupied the “Martech” space. The popular name for the rising stars in the group are “unicorns” (a company created less than 25 years ago and with a valuation of more than $1 billion). There are currently 29 “unicorns” and the number keeps growing. That’s really amazing when you think about it.

Many successful B2B demand generation programs are alike but every change is challenging in its own way. And if change is a proxy for opportunity, we have now more open doors than ever in the demand generation space.

Social business, machine learning, open APIs, Big Data … there is no shortage of disruptive technologies coming in the B2B area. Used properly, the explosion in channels and the continued existence of traditional methods can radically improve the qualification process.

However, many companies struggle to keep pace with it and yet we know that the speed of change is far from slowing down. Whereas changing mindsets and processes is always difficult, four general principles can help:

1. See the BIG Customer picture. Understand the new ways Customers engage and their new expectations

2. See the BIG Company picture. Understand your Company’s purpose.

3. Use all the possibilities from the existing and new technologies to increase your deliverables.

4. Use an expert agency to help find your way in a new and moving landscape. As consultants, we deal with multiple customers on a daily basis and our exposure to market changes, opportunities and new technologies is dramatically bigger. This will provide you with the objective 3rd party advice and experience you need to embrace the change.

For a sample of “unicorns” to follow see EventBrite (scheduling events), Domo ( BI SaaS) or Slack (arguably, the fastest growing SaaS company in history… to date).


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