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Why You Need A Customer Engagement Data Partner

Data Quality Celsius Cloud

If you’re asking yourself, why do I need a customer engagement data partner, then perhaps you haven’t quite thought through what such a relationship can offer you. An external data partner should be the perfect coupling, one that will help you through the whole customer engagement process. This is what we achieve for our customers, but read on, and see how we approach this relationship.

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CRM Marketing: Five Key Metrics to Measure Data Quality

Database Quality

B2B marketing databases are, by their very nature, complex. You can try to measure everything, but you’re probably doomed to failure if you do. At Celsius, we suggest that five key metrics will give you a pretty good view on how ready your database is for effective marketing. And if you run these processes on top of a real time dashboard you can track whether your database is improving or deteriorating over time. Here they are: Read more

Why You Have to Align Your Marketing Automation with Your CRM System

There are many things within the marketing automation strategy that you need to ensure are correctly established and a connection with your CRM is right up there at the top of the agenda. In fact, it’s so important, that if you fail to connect the two, then you risk ruining your campaigns. It’s that critical and you ignore this at your peril. As we know what it takes to bring data from multiple sources under one roof,  we at Celsius have built the Celsius Cloud solution. It delivers a consolidated view of all data from your multiple systems as a single Marketing Database.

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4 Customer Retention Strategies To Supercharge Your Marketing

Many demand generation programs have the same end goal: new customer acquisition. Whereas there is nothing wrong with gaining new customers, far from it, this should not deviate the attention from a far more crucial endeavour: keeping customers happy.

According to recent research, numbers show that it costs seven times more to attract new customers than it does to keep them. Ask anyone in Sales and they’ll tell you all about it.

The formula for successful business is to have a smart retention strategy to turn new customers into long-term customers. To shift the focus from acquisition to retention, consider: Read more

The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

Definitive Guide to Data Driven Marketing

You know that Data is changing the shape of Marketing and, under the new paradigm, overlooking for data quality is simply not an option. The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven marketing is your essential kit to successfully unleash the true power of data and communication platforms. Download your free copy.

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Success Story: Creating a Centralized Marketing Database with CelsiusCloud

Centralized Marketing Database

 With the help of CelsiusCloud, one of the leading Telecom equipment manufacturers was about increase Marketing RoI by improving its master database.  

It’s a known fact that a successful Marketing Database relies 25% in the analytics, and 75% in data preparation and management. With Celsius Cloud you can handle both.

When Data drives Marketing success:

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