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Sending B2B Emails Throughout Europe

B2B email legislation

The European Union might be a united area when it comes to political and economic ideals, but as for sending B2B emails within the territory, there are seemingly more rules than considerations contained in the Maastricht agreement. In fact, as regards to the rules of B2B email marketing throughout Western Europe, the EU is far from unified and if a company gets it wrong, it risks not only missing out on new sales, but even alienating existing customers and ending in court. This has rendered email marketing for all responsible companies a minefield. Read more

Why should the B2B Marketing Manager be interested in ‘Big Data’?

What is Big Data ?

We’ve all heard the statistic. Something like ‘every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003’ in Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s version of it.

Now where does all of this data come from and why do we need it?

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