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April 15, 2018 Antoni Chumillas

Need to improve EMEA Enterprise Sales?

How can we correctly identify the Enterprise segment?

Case in point: B2B Sales and Marketing teams sell to companies. At Celsius International we have created an industry first: a marketing database purpose-built ONLY for marketers selling to Large Accounts. When we talk Account Based marketing and the Enterprise segment, making sure you have it sized correctly becomes critical. The purchasing power you may be missing is huge.

When it comes to choosing suppliers, there are few bad database suppliers, but it is only too easy to use the wrong one for your particular requirement. If you want to develop a high quality B2B Enterprise database in EMEA you will have a choice between a few local providers of variable quality and coverage and some multi-national data owners. But how do pick the right one? And how do you make up for the lack of information or coverage?

Because we at Celsius understand this problem, from a list of carefully chosen data suppliers we have built a complete EMEA reference, including Celsius’s own research and maintained on a continuous basis.


Celsius has classified these organisations and included major business-relevant attributes: subsidiary type, organisation type (indicating if a company is for example public sector or a privately owned compan) , employee size (domestic and total), activity code, parent company, hardware and revenue related data (generated from calculations based on country, employee size, activity sector, IT Equipment ratios, IT replacement cycles…)​

This way we can provide the most accurate universe available of large organisations in Europe – all those with more than 500 employees in all the significant countries.

It has helped many Sales Directors deploy their sales forces and Heads of Marketing identify high potential prospects using an objective measurement of market potential.

If this describes you, let’s talk.

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