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November 14, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Marketing Automation or Telemarketing in the race for leads?

Last week we had a meeting with a top corporation assessing the impact of marketing automation in their lead generation programs. I doubt it will surprise anyone to learn that we found that the vast majority of MRL (Marketing Ready Leads) were not good enough for their Sales to act upon. Maybe more poignant, however, is finding that the company was implementing the right operations but were just falling short in the last stages of the qualification.

a) With a better presence on social media, they increased brand awareness

b) Their marketing automation nurturing program was continuously informing the audience about existing and new products and services in relevant ways. This lead to increased interest in their offering and helped generate marketing qualified leads.

They are on the right track. What they missed is an additional process to turn those MRL into Sales Qualified Leads. Marketing Automation can track a number of positive signals but cannot provide interpretation. A phone conversation can help close the loop and here is where Telemarketing comes.

  • 70% of B2B purchases involve human interaction
  • 79% of marketing executives recognize Telemarketing as the best mean to qualify sales leads
  • Unique characteristics: proactivity, immediate feedback from target, qualification and sealing of the deal. A compelling proposition that an automated system cannot replicate.

With these two independent disciplines becoming increasingly interconnected, the fundamental argument is that Telemarketing still remains an extreme value proposition to qualify and generate B2B leads and can be the key to unlock the power of marketing automation.

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