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July 15, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Lead Generation in the Digital Age

It comes as no surprise that most large B2B corporations engage in multi-touch marketing, with digital channels even supplanting traditional ones. But just because the vehicles have diversified and changed in character does not mean that the fundamentals of qualification are different: companies must still deliver qualified leads to sales.

Used properly, the explosion in digital channels and the continued existence of traditional methods can radically improve the qualification process. The thesis here is that a process design bringing together all the data (both digital and traditional ‘touches’) will deliver higher even quality and timely leads to sales.

This works under three simple principles:

1. If you have an active lead generation-based marketing program, only a small proportion of the individual contacts will be sufficiently qualified to go straight to sales as a lead – but if you can combine several ‘touches’ together the resulting lead will probably be better than that one-off traditional enquiry.

2. Not all sources are equal. Clearly, an inbound telephone call enquiring about a product or service is probably a more powerful indicator of interest than a click-through on a web site. Furthermore, some prospects are more potentially valuable than others. In fact, that in-bound call from one prospect might well be less valuable than a mere click-through from another, higher potential prospect.

3. Not all prospects are equal. An incoming prospect which is already on your ‘hit list’ is probably more valuable than one you know nothing about, and should be treated as such.

The implication is that you need to gather all the inbound touches (digital and traditional) which your company receives to make the process work properly.

If we take Phoning as example I have seen Outbound calling generate up to 50% more leads when retargeting prospects thanks to information coming from other channels.

There are times where, with so many different vehicles to choose from, companies struggle to find the right mix. This is always like horses for courses but some general rules can help:

1. See the BIG picture. Understand WHY you do things.

2. Stop optimizing vehicles/ communication in silos.

3. Bring all the relevant touchpoint information in a single repository.

This way you’ll be a partner in you customer’s journey and this can only help your lead rate!

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