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September 11, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Don’t Let Your Social Channels Take a Break

We all know that summer is the period when seemingly everyone is on holiday but, just because your potential customers are away, it doesn’t mean they have gone incommunicado.

Email traffic within the business sphere may lessen during summer but latest research shows that 90% of executives will keep on using their social media channels whilst on holiday. It’s as though such channels are considered acceptable during the holiday period, whereas replying to emails is considered by family members as ‘working.’

So whether executives take a sneaky look at the social media channels whilst at the pool, or give themselves an hour of checking them out in the morning, or evening, they can be reached. In short, don’t slowdown during holiday periods. As internet chatter lessens, this is your ideal chance to get noticed.

But, and this is a big but, do not exploit this chance. If you intrude into an executive’s downtime and cause irritation with too much ill-conceived social media messaging, you will not only lose them for the holiday, but also for good as well. So tread carefully when you are targeting executives during the holiday period.

However, that’s easier said than done. What works in the office, isn’t going to hack it on the beach, it’s that simple. But, even for those people still in the office, this type of approach also works, because it is non-aggressive.

So how do you tone down your Twitter messaging for example? Simple. Talk to your potential contacts as though you were a business colleague imparting information, whether in the pub, locker room, or next to the water cooler. Make it light, interesting and informative, and add some humour. Don’t treat them like an actual friend and become too familiar, but think of them as a close business contact.

Holiday periods are your chance to reach out to the relaxed executive, so nothing heavy. You should avoid the obvious sales pitch, or the latest news on products and services, but focus on aligning yourself with topical events, or trends.

The idea is to get yourself noticed. What you are doing during this period is laying down some foundations, building up a profile of you (and your firm) that people can relate to.

So, remember: use social channels that are good for the holidaying executive. Make your posts light and interesting, and remember that over-worked word: engagement. The holiday period is your chance to engage and lay down the foundation for a higher level of contact over the following weeks, when they are back in the office.

This is your chance to lay down a perfect platform for further contact – don’t waste it.

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