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October 14, 2016 Antoni Chumillas

Celsius Cloud: When Data fuels Marketing

Having loads of data is a good thing but unless you find some way of harnessing its power it will hinder your best marketing efforts. Celsius Cloud platform solves your data pains: no more missed deadlines due to complex decentralized datasets. With Celsius Data Cloud, inconsistent, inaccurate and duplicate data is a thing of the past.

With CelsiusCloud Data integration is all about making sense of the raw information coming into a business. It combines data stored in different sources and provides users with a unified view, a greater sense of visibility. This collection, or overview of data which comes from several sources. In practice, in order to drive sales in today’s highly competitive markets, the key is to have a comprehensive view of Marketing, Sales, and Customer data all in one system. Marketing teams must make informed decisions on which data to include in campaigns. To do so they need to have a complete view on all touch points rolled up to each account, prospect and contact.

Ever encountered a Data Integration issue? Watch the two-minutes video on how Celsius can help

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