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The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

Definitive Guide to Data Driven Marketing

You know that Data is changing the shape of Marketing and, under the new paradigm, overlooking for data quality is simply not an option. The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven marketing is your essential kit to successfully unleash the true power of data and communication platforms. Download your free copy.

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Celsius helps implement Lenovo’s marketing strategy shift

With a new briefing to Celsius, Lenovo was about to make a major shift with its marketing strategy to focus on content to generate sales opportunities.

Lenovo, the world’s largest manufacturer of PCs, laptops and tablets and now a major force in servers and storage, approached Celsius, their long-standing B2B lead generation agency, with a new briefing in 2014. It was about to make a major shift with its marketing strategy to focus on the use of content to generate sales opportunities in B2B.

When Content and Marketing Automation work:

Customer base

Celsius had for some years run a successful B2B lead generation program for Lenovo. The program generated the majority of its sales leads by performing outbound calls on segmented qualified data through Celsius’ Team Celsius network of nationally based call centres..

Existing customers

Then Lenovo implemented a content driven strategy with its site.


Fortunately, years of outbound calling had developed a highly qualified target database with a high number of ‘opted-in’ e-mail addresses. To leverage this available data, the chosen solution was a marketing automation platform which had to not only provide a high level of automation of responses to prospect activity, but also provide an efficient method of prioritizing and selecting prospects for follow-up by sales.

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Success Story: Creating a Centralized Marketing Database with CelsiusCloud

Centralized Marketing Database

 With the help of CelsiusCloud, one of the leading Telecom equipment manufacturers was about increase Marketing RoI by improving its master database.  

It’s a known fact that a successful Marketing Database relies 25% in the analytics, and 75% in data preparation and management. With Celsius Cloud you can handle both.

When Data drives Marketing success:

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