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You’ve heard the hype: Account Based Marketing is rapidly becoming the next big thing in B2B marketing.

Now it’s time to move beyond the hype:

  • How do you actually implement ABM in your organization?
  • What are the best practices used by top companies?
  • How can you best navigate the rough waters of change management?

The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing is your guide to solving this problem.


Easy to read and loaded with 124 pages of worksheets, charts, and thought leadership from ABM experts, The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing normally costs $19.95, but you can download it for free by filling out the form!

Check out what you’ll to learn from The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing:

Part I: From lead-centric to account-centric marketing
It’s time to recognize that we’re not marketing and selling to a lead, we’re marketing and selling to an account. Learn what Account Based Marketing is, see why it’s so hot, and understand how it’s different from what’s come before.

Part II: The 6 ABM processes

Get practical tips and best practices for how to do Account Based Marketing, following our six-step process.

  1. Select accounts: Align sales and marketing around a list of target accounts and existing customers that are most likely to deliver revenue.
  2. Discover contacts and map to your accounts: Fill out these accounts and buying centers with specific contacts based on your ideal buyer profiles.
  3. Develop account insights: Learn as much as you can about each account so that your interactions are always relevant and resonant.
  4. Generate account-relevant messages and content: Create or adapt content and messaging that reflects your account insight and is targeted specifically at the buying teams in each account.
  5. Deliver account-specific interactions: Manage targeted interactions that are personalized for each account.
  6. Orchestrate account-focused plays: Synchronize interactions into coordinated plays that align to account plans and goals.

Part III: Metrics: measuring account progress
Account-based marketing is a fundamentally different marketing approach that requires fundamentally different metrics. Learn all about the Big Five metrics for ABM: Coverage, Awareness, Engagement, Reach, and Influence.

Part IV: Implementing ABM – the road to success
Learn how to make ABM work in the real world. It’s about culture and change. And about the people, processes, technologies and attitudes that make ABM programs successful.

If your company depends on major, complex, long-cycle deals, this could well be the most important guide you’ll ever read.